Dale O’Leary

Dale O'Leary (* 1941) is a freelance writer and lecturer. The books include The Gender Agenda: Redefining Equality and One Man, One Woman. She has written for numerous publication, appeared on television and radio, and lectured in Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Austria, Switzerland, Mexico, El Salvador, and the Philippines. She is a graduate of Smith College, is married and is currently living in Florida.[1]

Dale O'Leary has defined five guiding principles of genderism in her book "The Gender Agenda" as enshrined in the UN Establishment:

  1. In the world it takes fewer people and more sexual pleasures. It needs the abolition of differences between men and women and the abolition of full-time mothers.
  2. As more sexual pleasure more children can lead, we need free access to contraception and abortion for all and promotion of homosexual behavior, since there is no distinction to conception.
  3. In the world it needs a sex education for children and young people, that encourages sexual experimentation, it needs the abolition of the rights of parents over their children
  4. The world needs a 50/50-Men/Women-Quotenregelung for all work and living areas. All women need to investigate possible at all times of gainful employment.
  5. Religions that do not join this agenda, the absurdity must be disclosed.[2]

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