Restoration of the Sacred

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  • 1. Restoration of the Sacred Album

Kevin Allen - Composer
Timothy Woods - Conductor
Performed by the Lincoln Chamber Chorale

Recorded live at the the Monastery of the Holy Cross
Chicago, Illinois
November 18, 2007

01 Laus Deo “Missa Pro Defunctis Quinque Vocum”
02 Introitus
03 Kyrie
04 Graduale
05 Tractus
06 Offertorium
07 Sanctus
08 Agnus Dei
09 Communio
10 Subvenite
11 Desidero, Mi Jesu
12 Domine, Non Sum Dignus
13 Viri Galilaei
14 Ephesians Canticle
15 O Sanctissima “Missa Conctipotens Genitor deus”
16 Kyrie
17 Gloria
18 Sanctus
19 Agnus Dei
20 O God, Be All My Love
21 Our Father
22 Steal Away to Jesus

A live recording of beautiful choral music by Chicago composer, Kevin Allen and performed by the Lincoln Chamber Chorale. The pervasive influence of our secular culture is destroying our ability to discern fundamental truths. This numbing of our senses has negatively affected our family and community life, our schools and political structures and even the Church. After reading the 'Moto Proprio, Tra le Sollecitudini,' of Pope Pius X, I was faced with a challenge that has been my endeavor from that day until now: 'to increase the beauty and splendor of the ceremonies of the Church.' The music that I have composed for the Liturgy is my offering to the Church, to beauty, purity and truth, the formidable weapons in the battle for our minds, hearts and souls. - Kevin Allen